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About Cindy
Sponging is probably the easiest faux painting technique you can do. It creates nice texture in a room. Get a roller tray, a sea sponge or two, a roll of paper towels, a couple of colors of latex paint (or two shades of the same color), and some glaze. Roll a new base coat on if you like. Allow it to dry. Tape off the moldings and the corners of the wall with blue painters tape. Mix your first color of paint with glaze, and write down the proportions. Pour the glaze into a roller tray. Gingerly dip a dampened sea sponge into the glaze. Tap it off on a piece of paper towel, and then dab it randomly onto the wall. Step away from the wall from time to time to check for missed spots. Clean up any drips with a damp paper towel. Use a smaller sponge to vary the pattern, and to help you get into the corners. Remove the tape. Allow to dry. Do the same thing with the second color.
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