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About Cindy
The chambray technique gives your walls a soft woven look. The Ralph Lauren Paint Techniques brochure is free at The Home Depot, and you'll want to read it carefully before you start. Here is a summary of the steps involved.
Roll on two coats of semi-gloss for the base coat, 24 hours apart. Tape off the room into approximately three foot sections.
Roll a layer of glaze over one section. Starting from the top left corner, drag the chambray weaver brush left to right, tape to tape. Then, drag the brush left to right over the same area. Wipe the brush and repeat, working down the length of the wall.
Then it's onto the vertical stroke, sweeping down, ceiling to baseboard. Wipe and repeat, top to bottom, across that section.
Paint every other section, and allow to dry. The next day, you can choose to either abut or overlap the seams, as you finish the wall.
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