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About Cindy

Autumn makes us feel nostalgic and reminds us that the holidays are just ahead. If holiday decorating is in your plans, don't stop at propping a pumpkin on your porch when you can transform the living areas of your home with paint.

If you're looking at plain vanilla walls and you'd like to give your home a boost, take inspiration from the vibrant colors of the season. Imagine how an apple yellow foyer would brighten the entry way of your home. I like Benjamin Moore's HC-6, Hawthorne Yellow. Or make your dining room more beautiful and welcoming for family gatherings by painting it in Pumpkin (my favorite is from California Paints Historic Colors of America) or russet (Consider Pratt & Lambert's Pagoda Red #1882.) Reds and oranges will make your holiday meals look delicious and will enhance your guests' appetites. These warm colors should complement the wood tones in your dining room furniture. Use seasonal accents to complete the look.

A great color scheme for two adjacent rooms is Benjamin Moore's Acorn Yellow (2161-30) and Yellow Squash (2161-50). One friend is using them in a kitchen and family room. Red accents will look beautiful in those rooms.

To get better coverage and save on paint, use a tinted primer coat underneath a deep color. Priming is also necessary when you're painting a light color over a dark color.

Enjoy the fall colors this year, and invite them into your home. For a very small investment, you can have a new look that will last through the holidays and bring you enjoyment all year.
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